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It was my birthday on Sunday - Long Covid recovery!

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

And birthdays (like Christmas and other anniversaries maybe) are a time for reflection - for me anyway.

Before Covid (& Long Covid) my birthdays would be spent off doing something exciting, usually involving mountains, camping and spectacular locations.

My last 3 birthdays had been with Long Covid.

The first year - July 2020 - I was around the 4 month mark. I didn't feel great, but I still naively thought that I was almost better and that by pushing through I was doing the right thing. (Spoiler alert - it wasn't, but at this point I felt a lot more positive than I should have, but there is the benefit of hindsight eh...)

The second year - July 2021 - was the worst birthday I had ever had. I ended up in a horrible crash and spent most of the day lying on the sofa, mostly in tears.

The third year - July 2022 - was better than the previous year (although the bar wasn't high!!) I had found some things that had helped and had seen real improvement.

Jackie swimming in loch ness. there are waves, the water is sparkling in the sunshine and the sky is blue

This year - July 2023 - I had been recovered for the best part of 2 months. We went for a long walk & swim the day before, then had a relaxing morning, had a cycle & swim and then had 2 amazing friends over in the evening.

At no point did I had to think about energy levels!

Long Covid recovery seemed impossible, even earlier this year, and yet here it is.

I'm beyond grateful to have my health back - because earlier this year (& certainly at the end of last year) I'd have been certain that this was going to be Long-Covid-birthday-number-4

So I'm not sure what exactly I'm saying here - but reflections are definitely helping me learn, but also be happy and grateful and full of joy

And another year older ..but shhhh....

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