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Fun at the garden centre - what comes after Long Covid recovery?!

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Gardening is something I started doing while I was unwell. It got me outside and I felt like I was doing something. But I was able to do it sitting down, take breaks wherever I needed to and even get my partner to lift things that were heavy (or not!) when I wasn't able to.

There was also so much joy in watching things that I'd planted sprouting up (there are some cool metaphors for recovery here).

I remember eating peas that I had planted, watered and harvested. And then they were on my own plate and I was using them to nourish my own body! It felt like such an accomplishment, especially when ill.

I never would have seen myself as enjoying gardening. But I do. I do more other things now I'm able to, but I still enjoy my garden as it was a real healing spot for me.

jackie posing next to a lion statue. The lion has it's mouth open to roar and Jackie is imitating it

Yesterday I took a trip to our local garden centre, because I have some more complicated ideas for the garden (my partner is currently rolling his eyes)

I ended up having a lot of fun - especially with this lion

I think during my long covid recovery, I was assuming that life would be easy and obvious once I had recovered. I'm beginning to learn that actually, recovery is just the beginning!

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