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About Me

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My name is Jackie, and I had Long Covid.

I was an energetic lover of the outdoors, enjoying long mountain walks, long distance cycling and running. I combined this with a full-on job of teaching Cello in schools as well as working freelance.

Until Covid struck.

My Long Covid journey lasted over 3 years before I recovered. Through my experience, I found a lot of things that helped (& didn't) and spoke to some incredible people. I am now working as a breathing coach helping those with Long Covid.

Why a podcast? Those suffering often feel helpless, lonely and scared. This podcast brings together lived experience stories, medical experts, researchers & recovery stories, to help us with what we can do, rather than what we can't.

You can hear more about my experiences in these episodes:

Episode 2 - My story from the beginning
Bonus episode - "2 years of Long Covid - what have I learned?"
Episode 64 - "2022 reflections"
Episode 75 - "My 3 year reflections - are we nearly there yet?"

Episode 94 - my recovery story

Episode 112 - "2023 reflections"

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