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Soufiane's story of Long Covid Recovery

Updated: Feb 21

Soufiane tells of their journey from blood clotting & myocarditis from Long Covid to full Long Covid Recovery - read on for more!

Name: Soufiane

Age: 29

Location: Morocco

Recovery time: about 18 months

Hello, my name is Soufiane El OUAZNA and I'm 29 years old, I'm from Morocco.

I became infected on January 1, 2021, and it started with shortness of breath. 15 days later, I discovered that I had blood clotting D-dimmer = 10000 Ng/Ml (a high result), for which the doctors prescribed 15 injections of lovenox 40 mg.

Thankfully, the D-dimmer level increased to 360 Ng/ml one month after the injections.

One month after the infection, I was still experiencing shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and tachycardia (120 to 145 bpm), the EKG was normal, and all other exams prescribed by cardiologists, so I requested an MRI, which revealed that I had post COVID myocarditis with fibrosis (scar).

Unfortunately, because it was not an active myocarditis, I did not require any treatment other than beta blockers such as biprol.

One year after the infection, I could walk for a short time, so I took Avlocadryl (Propranolol in the US) for two months to help with my tachycardia.

I had Chronic diarrhea (1 year), parasites in the intestine... I also lost weight.

A blue road sign pointing right with the word "recovery" in white text

I can say that the symptoms completely disappeared after one year and six months, possibly due to psychological comfort because when I had COVID, I was stressed with work and other things, but the problems were resolved exactly after one year and six months, which gave me some relief.

Nota: Since I'm Muslim, fasting during the month of Ramadan and reading the Quran verses aloud strengthened my lungs, which improved my breathing.

My food was normal: I wasn't on a special diet. However, I consumed a lot of beet and orange juice.

Because my job requires movement, I was very active prior to the infection.

To summarize, I'm doing well now, I'm gaining weight and becoming normal. I couldn't walk for 300 meters and now I can play basketball etc.... 

Wish you quick recovery, I'm pretty sure you'll get better soon, because time heals just hang on and try to be psychologically comfortable because it is essential for recovery.

Have you recovered from Long Covid or ME/CFS and would like to share your story? Email Jackie at

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