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Long Covid Recovery - at last!

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Last week I declared myself fully recovered.

I didn't say anything to start with because I wanted to sit with it for a bit. I've been ill for such a long time and it felt like walking into the unknown.

Over the last couple of months things had been getting better and better. But I wasn't there yet - there was more to work on. Then another thing, and then another.

I realised that I'm such a perfectionist that my recovery had to be perfect - but then, at what point do I say that I'm good? And then it occurred to me that I'm good now And there's something about saying it that makes me feel even better.

I'm not the same as I was before - I'm better. Jaxter 2.0 in fact!

I'm taking a bit of time to readjust and sit with it - but soon I'll record my own story on the podcast. I'm excited.

Long Covid Recovery is be elusive, not always what you expect, but absolutely worth persevering & finding - a bit like Scottish waterfalls really. May we all find our waterfalls (photo of me swimming in a big-ass waterfall last week to celebrate)

jackie swimming in a large pool at the bottom of a big double-layer waterfall. the sun is shining through the trees

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