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The importance of friends, support & those who "get it"

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

During the pandemic I have felt pretty isolated - so have most people - it's been a pandemic for goodness sake. But as restrictions have reduced and people have been allowed to do more things, I've noticed the isolation more. I'm still unwell and unable to do a lot of things which cuts me off from people and things that I would normally be wanting to do. But I'm also deliberately avoiding going to places where people congregate, like pubs & restaurants, because I'm terrified of getting infected again. Although I am being very careful, others are not, and having still not recovered from Covid the first time, I'm not willing to put myself in a position where I could be at risk of catching it again.

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A few weeks ago, amazing brain injury warrior AJ and her partner JP popped in on their way back from a holiday.

It really brought home how important it is to have some contact with people, but more importantly, people who get it.

Having a conversation with someone who understands the frustration, fears, and other feelings that you get when, almost overnight, go from someone fit, healthy and invincible to someone who is completely reliant on someone else. Many people will be sympathetic, but support and understanding from those who know what you're going through - absolutely invaluable!

You can listen to me chatting to AJ about her experiences in episode 13, available wherever you get your podcasts, the listen page of this website or the link below.

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