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Hope is Kindled

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Last week we went on holiday. I wasn't expecting it to be my normal sort of holiday - where I'm out doing monster walks on the hills, camping in exciting places, cycling big distances and generally being super active.

However, we thought getting away might do me some good (and poor Malky was getting bored of the same walls day after day) so we booked a little cottage on the Isle of Mull.

It turned out to be an amazing idea. Just being away in the middle of nowhere was relaxing.

The weather wasn't great but there were enough good windows of weather that we were able to get out and do some little things - a walk along a beach, a stroll to a loch. Just being there was wonderful. I was able to de-stress a bit and I felt better than I had in ages.

My theory is that Long Covid is caused by the autonomic nervous systems' over-reaction to the virus. This means that I need to try to get my ANS to calm down. A lovely relaxing week away from stress and a little confidence in my body might have been just what I needed.

I am not fixed yet - but I now have belief that maybe, after 20 months, I'm heading in the right direction. No longer just "ill" but hopefully "recovering".

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