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Covid Memorial Event

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

I was really flattered to be asked to play at the Covid Memorial Event in Glasgow's Pollok Park on 23rd March.

This event marked 2 years since the original Covid lockdown in the UK and honoured the losses of the bereaved as well as those suffering from Long Covid and anyone else affected by the pandemic in other ways.

Although I initially said no as I wanted to avoid the extra stress of having to perform, I realised that I really wanted to.

It was a way to feel like I had contributed to the event in a meaningful way, and playing the violin - something I had started learning since being ill - was actually quite appropriate.

After a short ceremony, wreaths were laid by the first installation of the project while "I Remembers" were read.

I crashed hard for the next few days - I think having to perform as well as the physical, mental & emotional overwhelm from the event hit me pretty hard. But I'm so glad I did it.

Of course I couldn't have managed without my amazing Malky, who was there to carry things, support me and of course do all the boring logistical stuff like driving!

This video was made by Colin Mearns from the Herald, and you can hear more about the project (and how you can still be involved) in Episode 24: Alec Finlay - "I Remember"

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