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Are there - or can there be - positives from this experience with Long Covid?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

I think it can be very hard to see the positives in Long Covid - I mean, are there even any?!

A red background with virus pictures on it with while text - "Long Covid Podcast 08 - Rachel Whitfield on her Long Covid Recovery" and a photo of rachel on her bike in the sunshine

I remember the first recovery story interview I did back in September 2021, where Rachel talked about feeling grateful for the things that she had learned on her journey.

In the midst of my own illness and having found very little that had helped at the time, I thought she was mad, and wanted to punch her!

But it's interesting that now I am out the other side, I have a little more appreciation for what she meant.

I'm not glad LC happened - it was awful! But I am an eternal optimist, and I can now admit that it taught me some valuable lessons, about the world and about myself.

And one of those things is always to be grateful for the little things.
Little things like strawberries from my garden that I have grown myself.

Jackie's hand holding 3 bright red strawberries

Gardening is something I never had much interest in before, but while I was unwell, it was something that I could do in small amounts, often sitting down. And you could see things growing. You could see it day to day!

Compared to improvement in LC, which was often difficult to see even month to month!

So I am grateful for my health, for having my life back. And for my strawberries and all that they stand for

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